Acts as an advisor to the Directors of the Club and the Directors of the Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation in their respective investment activities. The committee provides guidance and direction in respect of investments, both short term and long term. The guiding philosophy of this committee is to invest the capital of funds entrusted to the Club in securities that provide a maximum return commensurate with prudent investment practice. Meets monthly on the second Friday. Members are appointed by the President.



Annual Report 2006-2007
The Rotary Club Investment Committee monitors the portfolios of The Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation in connection with Foundation Funds and the Philanthropic Fund.  It assists these entities in their fiduciary responsibilities for the Club's investment activities and provides active management of securities including short term, bonds, income trusts, exchange traded funds and equities.
This fund was established in July 1951 to administer the charitable funds donated to The Rotary Club of Toronto.  The Foundation provides a vehicle for members to make charitable donations.  It is the Committee's role to assist the Foundation to:
1)    preserve capital.
2)    Pay out an appropriate amount of the Foundation's assets to support the funding of programs and other commitments.
The Committee is appointed by the Board of the Foundation.  During the past year we lost Ken Woods and his vacancy was recently filled by Charles Dillingham.
Bill Bressmer