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International Service Committee - Our Mandate 

The focus of this committee is to assist marginalised women and children in the developing world particularly in the areas of education, water and health.  Much of the recent activity has been in sub-Sahara Africa mainly in Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania.  We have been involved with work around AIDS and have also assisted in the building and renovation of schools in those countries.  We also have a major water project in the Zomba area of Malawi.  When finished, there will be about 150 new or refurbished wells.  These are done in partnership with Canadian NGOs, other local Rotary clubs, Rotary clubs in the developing world and with financial assistance from Rotary International.

We have also partnered with the Bombay Club in Mumbai in the award winning Project Mainstream, which teaches vocational and small business skills to children on the street.

We have participated in disaster activities such as Hurricane Mitch in Honduras and more recently through providing shelter boxes (self contained tents and supplies) to Haiti. We have been active in landmine and artificial limb projects in the Sudan, Afghanistan, India and the Dominican Republic.  Through the Gift of Life, we have brought children to Canada for lifesaving surgery. Our members have gone on Sweat Equity trips to Dominican Republic, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Malawi and Cambodia.

The International Services Committee meets on a monthly basis please contact the committee chair for time and location


International Service Committee Annual Report 2015-2016

The International Service Committee (ISC) supports high-impact projects that make a sustainable and lasting difference around the world. In 2015-16, ISC has supported projects in Syria, Ghana, South Africa, Laos, Uganda, Malawi, and many other countries. These projects provide access to clean water and sanitation; vital health services and access to life-saving medicines, surgeries and medical equipment; skills training and development; education and landmines eradication. This year, the committee has been especially focused on providing access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation in Uganda through WASRAG as well as supporting vulnerable populations including refugees and those impacted by HIV/AIDS.  The ISC recently raised over $60,000 to sponsor a Syrian refugee family in Canada and has put together a caring and passionate taskforce to support this family’s transition to Canadian life. Many members of the ISC have been personally involved implementing these projects around the world and significantly transforming the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.
The International Service Committee [ISC] determines allocations to projects operating outside of Canada. The allocations are made through three distinct channels:
(1) Projects developed by Rotary Clubs around the world
(2) Projects supported by Rotary International and/or the Rotary Foundation
(3) Projects operated by a Canadian charity or operated by an entity for The Rotary Club of Toronto through a written agreement
All projects are firstly reviewed by its Steering Committee to determine whether the project fits within the ISC guidelines and merits further consideration. At that point the ISC may then appoint a member [or members] to undertake due diligence with respect to a request, the organisation implementing the tasks and the appropriate amount of and scope of financing. The ISC’s annual budget for these projects was CAD$30,000 in 2014-2015. Certain projects that support the care of vulnerable populations impacted by HIV are funded through additional proceeds from Rotary’s Trump AIDS Walk, $3,304 in 2015.