Scholarship Committee- Our Mandate
The Rotary Club of Toronto and the Toronto Argonauts Community Scholarship program was one of the Centennial Projects and originated in 2012. The intent was to award 3 full-tuition scholarships to students who exemplify the traits of perseverance and determination, as well as a commitment to academics. The students would also have to demonstrate financial need and commitment to improving their community.
Scholarship Committee - Annual Report 2016-2017 -Richard S. White
The Scholarship program originated as one of the $100,000 Club Centennial Projects and the first of three scholarships under the Centennial Project was awarded in the spring of 2012. In 2015, the Scholarship Committee became a permanent committee of the Club with a mandate to award one full tuition scholarship each year and has awarded two further scholarships in 2015 and 2016 respectively.
The scholarship is open to outstanding students graduating from a TDSB or TCDSB secondary school who can demonstrate financial need, academic excellence, moral character, leadership and breadth and depth of community service and who will be attending a College or University in the Greater Toronto Area.
This scholarship makes a post-secondary education possible for these talented young people who might not otherwise be able to continue their studies due to serious financial circumstances. Aside from the financial support, one member of the Scholarship Committee takes on a very important and gratifying mentorship role with each student throughout their undergraduate years. This is invaluable for the student making the difficult transition to post-secondary education often without appropriate role models. These students become ambassadors for Rotary and participate in Club events such as Youth Day.
Each student is encouraged to become members of the university Rotaract Club and participate in their activities. This also provides an opportunity for them to be involved in the life of the college or university and meet like-minded students.
In February 2017, the committee submitted a revised application to the TDSB and the TCDSB which was distributed to potential candidates. We received a number of applications and had interviews with a short list of students. The committee selected Lorenzo Penate who will be studying Business Administration at the Schulich School of Business at York University.
My continued thanks to the members of the committee – Don Brooks, Charles Dillingham, Sarah Hui and Barbara Thomson - for their time and devotion to the futures of our scholarship recipients.