Women's Initiatives Committee - Making a Difference for The Women in Our City

Women's Initiatives Committee- Our Mandate

The women’s initiatives committee is responsible for identifying hidden and neglected issues that confront women in our city. The group identifies those issues related to health, poverty, women’s services and education and assesses how the rotary club of Toronto can make a difference. Women’s Initiatives Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 12 noon. 


Women's Initiatives Committee Annual Report 2015-2016

This year saw our major project come to fruition.  For the last 5 years the Women’s Initiative Committee (WIC) has been committed to establishing a safe house for young women victims involved with Domestic Human Trafficking. 
We had a major funding request before the Foundation to help with construction of the project.  In September, a few members had a chance to tour the new house and it was a very proud to be a Toronto Rotarian moment. Every single member contributed to this significant project. You contributed by being a member, joining committees, attending meetings and dedicating skills.  Thank you to the foundation members both past and present who have looked after our Foundation to ensure these significant projects continue to serve our community.
Between the Foundation and our relationship with the Tippet Foundation we were able to provide nearly $300,000 and the recreation facility in the house is named after our club. This house will give 7 young women a chance at a normal life after what is a horrific experience. It also means more convictions for pimps going forward and the best first step towards ending the practice of human trafficking.  The next and most important step will be educating those with the ability to help these women and intervening. Convent house has an ambitious program they are launching and this year we dedicated our entire budget to the initiative.
The Women’s Initiative Committee is looking forward to the next chapter and taking on new challenges. We welcome new members.