Hunger, Homelessness and Housing

Hunger, Homelessness and Housing
Oct 27, 2017
Bob Duff, St. Simon's Shelter
Hunger, Homelessness and Housing

Bob is an active advocate in his efforts to improve the homeless situation in Toronto, a situation which continues to escalate.

Since 1993 Bob has volunteered and worked for shelters in the provision of services to those who are homeless. Working on the front lines, Bob has developed, opened and/or managed five different shelters, a drop-in program and a dedicated street survivor outreach program.  He was a contributor to the mayor of Toronto’s 1998 Task Force on Homelessness.

In 2002 Bob was nominated for the “Jane Jacobs Humanitarian of the Year Award”.  Prior to working in the shelter sector Bob worked in the field of Human Resources Management for 14 Years. 

Bob is currently the Executive Director of St. Simon’s Shelter and is a volunteer keynote speaker for United Way’s Speakers Bureau. 

Host: Jonathan Wu