Honorable Hugh D. Segal - Master of Massey College

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Guest Speaker:  Friday, April 17, 2015
Location:  National Club, 303 Bay Street
Topic:  "The Two Freedoms That Matter Most and Why..."
Hugh Segal, the 5th Master of Massey College, University of Toronto has served in the public sector as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Chief of Staff and Associate Cabinet Secretary in Ontario to the Hon William Davis and a member of the Senate of Canada.   In the Senate he chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Special Committee on Anti-Terrorism.
A graduate from the University of Toronto in History, Hugh holds honorary doctorates from the University of Ottawa and the Royal Military College.  A former senior Fellow at the Queen’s School of Policy Studies and Queen’s School of Business.  Hugh is now a senior Fellow at the Munk School of International Affairs of the University of Toronto, Hon Chair of the Navy League of Canada,  an Hon. Captain in the Royal Canadian Navy.  He serves as a distinguished research fellow of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute and is a former chair of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies.   He is on the editorial board of the Canadian Naval Review and chairs the NATO Council of Canada. 
He is the author of seven books including  The Long Road Back:  The Conservative Journey in Canada 1993-2006, The Right Balance:  Canada’s Conservative Tradition,  In Defence of Civility:  Reflections of a Recovering Politician,  Beyond Greed:  A Traditional Conservative Confronts Neoconservative Excess.   He received the Order of Canada in 2003, two years before being summoned to the Senate on the recommendation of Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2005. 
He resigned from the Senate to accept election as the 5th Master of Massey College in June 2014