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Community Service

Community Service Committee - Our Mandate


The committee is responsible for supporting programs for the purpose of improving the quality of life for certain segments of the population in our urban community.  This may include those groups who are most vulnerable to the economic, social and environmental challenges of an urban environment – the homeless, single-parent families’ recent immigrants and the poor.  The committee meets monthly-please check with the Committee Chair for meeting times and location.


Community Service Committee - Annual Report 2015-2016- Chair John Lloyd

The committee began the year actively in September with Rafael Lopez as Chair, Marg Stanowski as Board Liaison with John Joseph Mastandrea, Marcy Berg, Kerry Bowser and Kim Curry as committee members.
When Rafael Lopez left our club in September, John Joseph Mastandrea stepped in on a short-term basis as he left on a church sabbatical early in 2016.  Before leaving John Joseph asked John Lloyd to join the committee, which he did and subsequently, he chaired the committee for the rest of the Rotary year.
The committee, at that time, consisted of John Lloyd as Chair, Marg Stanowski as Board Liaison, along with members Karen Scott, Marcy Berg, Kerry Bowser and Jonathan Wu.
The mission:  It was determined by the original committee that the emphasis for this term would be FOOD, offering assistance to organisations in need of either food bank support to help their client base or wherever it was felt that assistance in this area was appropriate.
The following donations were agreed to by the committee and funded within our budget.
  1. Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto: Following a visit to the facility on Gerrard Street by Kurt Kroesen and John Lloyd, it was determined that their so-called food bank was “bare”.  It was actually quite shocking to see that the “food bank” cupboard contained 3 or 4 boxes of cereal and half a dozen tins of canned food. The directorship of Native Women’s were delighted with our donation of $5,000.
  1. Kids Against Hunger Canada:  At the request of our Board, a donation of $3,500 was made, which was matched by a $3,500 Youth and Children’s Committee.  Our committee was delighted to participate in this initiative and pleased to hear that the Board has decided to continue support.
  1. Tides Canada Initiatives: This project came to our committee from the recently established Environment Committee, headed at that time by Kurt Kroesen.  The donation of support was $2,500.
  1. PAL Toronto, an acronym for Performing Arts Lodges was brought to our attention by John Joseph.  The facility includes 200 apartments and most residents are in a position to care for themselves.  However, there are many in the facility; some young aspiring artists and some not so young, who find themselves in a position whereby they can either pay rent or eat, but not both.  Our committee decided to assist in funding “Pal’s Pantry” and the donation was for $6,000, based on $500 per month.  This was of course, well received and our assistance was rewarded with a sign / poster of recognition.
  1. Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre:  We received a request to support the “Good Food Market” at this well known centre.  The community served is multi-cultural in nature, many with serious concerns about feeding their families.  The committee was strongly in support of this initiative and donated $2,500.    
  1. At year end we were asked to receive a proposal from the Sherbourne Health Centre for health bus replacement. The committee met at the National club and welcomed Catherine Argiropoulos and her representatives. The proposal was well received and a positive recommendation was sent to Research and Appeals.
Karen Scott has kindly offered to Chair Community Services Committee for the July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 with Kerry Bowser as Secretary, while Marcy Berg and John Lloyd will continue on as committee members. Our first order of business according to the incoming Chair is to “build membership” in our Committee.  We’re all working towards that end.