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Membership Development Committee – Our Mandate

Nominated by the president, this committee is responsible for the recruitment of new members to the club on an ongoing basis. This committee works in concert with the program committee, as well as the communications & pr and community services committees to maintain the vitality and resources of the club and to fully engage our members through involvement.  Meetings will be held via teleconferencing where possible otherwise at the call of the chair.


Membership Committee Annual Report 2015-2016
2015-2016 was a year of re-focusing and examining our club’s approach to recruiting, engaging and retaining members.
To ensure that every new member is welcomed into the club, and to better pave the way to meaningful involvement in the club’s activities, new members are matched with a coach whose role is to acquaint them with our club’s history, help them navigate through the many opportunities to assist with committee and other club philanthropic work and encourage them to take part of fellowship activities.
The committee also renewed a commitment to take a careful look at why some of our members are becoming disengaged or disenchanted, and reach out to them to discover how we can help them derive benefit from membership…and contribute to the outstanding work of our various philanthropic committees.
We recognised that finding and attracting new members requires some new approaches that go beyond looking to friends, colleagues and family.   We began a dialogue with the marketing and communications committee aimed at better promoting the good work out club does every day – to be able to attract individuals interested in giving back.  We hired a professional researcher to approach potential members working in the downtown core and talk to them about Rotary.  Although this outreach did not result in a great number of potential candidates, it did offer us valuable insights into how we need to better define and promote the Rotary brand, as well as a need to perhaps break with some of our traditions and introduce some flexibility around the expectations for members.  We learned that our younger generations are looking to do more active service.  We need to find new projects and new ways for them to contribute.
In 2016-2017, we will continue to work with the club board and other committees to ensure that our club can fulfill the needs of new and potential new members seeking to involve themselves in community service in a meaningful way.