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Membership Development Committee – Our Mandate

Nominated by the president, this committee is responsible for the recruitment of new members to the club on an ongoing basis. This committee works in concert with the program committee, as well as the communications & pr and community services committees to maintain the vitality and resources of the club and to fully engage our members through involvement.  Meetings will be held via teleconferencing where possible otherwise at the call of the chair.


Membership Committee Annual Report 2016-2017 - John Whincup
The Committee has been very active this year gathering data to understand the drivers behind member numbers, re-aligning the purpose and mandate of the Committee and Sub Committees, and reflecting how to best approach new member recruitment, onboarding of new members and retention of existing members. At the start of the year we presented our new focus to the Board and finished the year with proposed motions based on our work. We closed the 2016-2017 Rotary year with roughly 160 members. Although we welcomed 11 new members to the club during the year, we however lost some key Rotary contributors including our Vice-Chair. 
The Work of 2016/2017
We began the year with the output of work done by a professional recruiter who identified a number of candidates who we reviewed and, in some cases, interviewed. The exercise led to a list of people who might join in the future but no new members.  We also learned a great deal about how the community views Rotary and gained some insights into what might interest professionals in a community service organization.
In order to support the integration of new members we reviewed and revised our new member program and engaged new coaches to support new members who needed the help. We connected with the membership through a survey, through focus groups of new members and learned some key areas of concern. 
Most notably, we identified that we need to find ways to have members connect outside the Friday lunch, and need to provide more opportunities for hands-on community service.
We finished the year with a report to the Board of the key findings of our engagement work and suggested areas for Board support. Some of the key findings were around the need for improved communication, the need for continued coaching and mentoring and that we need to be more dynamic and open to new ideas if we want to attract the people under 40 that we need to grow the club.
Going Forward
We are working now to support the change work being undertaken by other committees and to seek professional advice on how to re-position and brand our approach to new members. We have a strong foundation for the work of 2017/2018.
The Chair and the new Vice-Chair will continue for the upcoming Rotary year and we look forward to continued support from a strong Committee.