Founded in 1909 as a day-care centre, the West End Creche has grown into a highly professional organization offering out-patient therapy for a caseload of about 265 pre-school children, 65% of whom have a language problem caused by brain damage and a further 25% of who are psychotic. In 1983, recognizing the desperate need of the Creche to move from its seventy five year old premises on Euclid Avenue to a considerably larger and more practical facility, the Club undertook to form a fund-raising committee to assist in finding the capital necessary for this worthwhile project. In February 1987, the Committee reported that, having obtained cash and pledges exceeding $900,000 and additional funds from other sources, the Creche was able to achieve its planned relocation as originally intended.

The completion and official opening was Thursday, June 7th, 1990. The final budget was $3,000,000 of which the Rotary Club of Toronto was directly responsible for about $1,000,000. The Club's involvement continues as the Chairman for 1990 was one of our Rotarians and he had three fellow Rotarians on his Board of Directors.