Senior Citizen's Committee

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The Mandate of the SC is to devise and implement plans for the benefit of senior citizens (older adults) within the City. Members survey the needs of the community and makes appropriate recommendations for new and ongoing programs in a wide range of areas, from Meals on Wheels to Tax Clinics.


The Good Neighbours’ Club is a centre for men over the age of fifty who are homeless or street-involved. These homeless seniors may be sleeping outdoors, staying in the shelter system or they may be marginally housed in poor and dangerous areas. Begun in 1933 to help WWI veterans, they have been serving aging homeless men for 77 years. The Good Neighbours’ Club is the only uniquely dedicated centre in Toronto who serves this population. They operate under the model of a club which means that the men who receive help there are not “clients” or “service recipients” but Members of the Good Neighbours’ Club. As every Rotarian certainly knows, membership in a club provides an opportunity to be part of a larger community, to give and get help, and to develop valuable friendships. These needs are all the more pressing among the elderly, and especially the elderly homeless, who experience not only poverty, illness, and disability, but painful social isolation. The Good Neighbours’ Club has around 5,000 aging and homeless Members.

A renovation of the second floor will provide private space for interviews, an examination room with a sink and basic medical/dental supplies, a recovery room, and a space for adult education and geriatric wellness programming. The interview rooms will have privacy, a telephone, a laptop, wireless internet service and seating for two or three people. This will allow practitioners to take histories, make referrals, and discuss treatment options et cetera with the Members. The examining room will be a secure, small and functional space which will meet the needs of a variety of health care workers, including allied health care professionals who are needed but not currently able to provide services in the Good Neighbours’ Club on a regular basis, such as a chiropodist, an optometrist, a geriatric community worker, a dietician, etc.
Our $100K project covers all renovations to make the dedicated area for ongoing medical and para-medical use.