Senior Citizen’s Committee – Our Mandate

“The Senior Citizens’ Committee’s mandate is to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged seniors through support services and programs. The Committee will also identify and research meaningful senior’s projects in the community, and provide grant requests to utilize funds that the Foundation has isolated for seniors projects.”


Senior Citizen's Committee Annual Report 2016-2017 - Mary Lach

The Annual Senior’s Christmas Party, once again was held at the Royal York Hotel with great success and fun fare.  Senior guests were from Second Mile Club, Kensington Gardens, Fudger House, Salvation Army, Yonge Street Mission, Little Trinity Church, The Church of Resurrection and Sunshine Centre for seniors. 
Over 200 shut-in or housebound seniors on low income attended. Guests were entertained by Rotarians – caroling, John Wanless grade 6 Chamber Choir and a visit from Santa.  Many generous Rotarians provided transportation, supported the “take a senior to lunch” program, donated towards their generous gift bag and volunteered their time/talent to make it the success it was.
At Thanksgiving, over 140 Meals for Seniors were delivered by committee members and Rotary volunteers to shut-in seniors in our community.  And…the June Picnic held at Kensington Gardens had over 60 seniors attending.
A grant of $8,400 was provided to Fred Victor project – “Wired World of Seniors” tablet training program. The focus is on mental stimulation and social interactions. What started as a pilot project will now continue with sessions in the fall 2016 and spring 2017 where grade 6 students will teach 20 more socially isolated seniors in St James Town to use a tablet, as a tool to help them be more connected to the outside world. Once the senior(s) complete the course successfully, they will get to keep a tablet.  The classroom is an inspiring inter-generational, inter-cultural place that brings hope for social unity and human kindness.  
Also, this year a multi-year, multi-vehicle grant program with SPRINT called TORONTO RIDE has been approved by R&A and the Foundation for 3 years totalling approx. $351,000 with an option for 2 additional years to replace high use vehicles that are the oldest in their fleet or disrepair.  The schedule of vehicles to be replaced will be at $101,000 in the first year and $125,000 for the next 2 years.  A landmark decision by the Foundation.  Thanks to the hard working sub-committee:- Richard White, Don Brooks, Mary Lach and spear headed by Barbara Thomson and Rick Goldsmith who worked diligently on this project for over a year come to fruition.
TORONTO RIDE is a collaborative partnership of 13 non-for-profit, community support service agencies that provide assisted door-to-door transportation for seniors 55+ and adults with disabilities. This transportation service allows seniors to continue to live independently by offering equitable access to health care, Adult Day Programs as well as home care and Meals on Wheels.
The success of what the SCC had accomplished this year is directly attributable to the dedicated, passionate and active committee members that care about senior issues and their wellbeing. 
THANK YOU to Mary Lach (chair), Anny Sandra Hamel (vice-chair) Barbara Thomson (secretary), Richard White, Rick Goldsmith, Don Brooks, Maureen Bird, Jack Robertson, Krystyna Benyak, Lorraine Lloyd, Chand Chandaria and Ross Amos.