Posted by Carol Hutchinson on Jun 13, 2017
Guest Speaker: Friday August 25, 2017
Topic: Berlin Wall
Host:  Robert O'Brien
Christian was born in 1960 in West Berlin and grew up in Germany in a country divided. He was one-year-old when the Berlin Wall was built.
After boarding school, he studied architecture and business administration to prepare to take over the family business, but he changed his mind to pursue a career in financial planning after an emotional event in the family.

In 1999, he moved to Canada and started to work as a Financial Advisor for an Insurance Broker in Trenton. Eventually he opened his own financial planning practice specializing in safe retirement income strategies.
His biggest challenge came in 2007 when his eldest daughter Kate at age 14 was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was put on 7 different drugs to manage the pain and swelling of her joints.
He went on a mission to find better treatment away from side-effects of these drugs.
After years of searching he found a Naturopathic Doctor who helped Kate to reduce the medications and regaining a fun filled and pain free life. This experience made him become very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and even organized educational public presentations for better health.