Keynote Speaker:  Christophe Potworowski, Photographer
Topic: “SoulStorm: Inner Turmoil, War and Abstract Art, 
              Feb. 24, 2022: First Year Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine”
Host:  Sylvia Geist
Rotary Meeting Friday, February 24th, 2023 
Lunch at The National Club, 303 Bay Street
and Virtual Meeting as well!
Views and Opinions Expressed Disclaimer:  The views and opinions are those expressed by the Speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official views or opinions, policy or position of The Rotary Club of Toronto or its Members.



Christophe Potworowski’s interest in photography began as a teenager when his brother gave him an Agfa folding box camera. He enjoyed being able to respond actively to the world around him. Soon, he was hooked by the problem solving involved in making images and especially by the fact that the process involved both rational and emotional dimensions. Living near Vancouver, in Canada’s British Columbia, and attracted by interpretive and abstract image-making more than representative photography, he strives to look for a deeper meaning emerging from the relations between colour and the other elements of design. After years of work in a university setting, he now looks for the beautiful in more concrete ways. He has a solo exhibit based on SoulStorm at the Studio Gallery in Edson, Alberta (2022)  He has participated in group shows at the South East Center for Photography (“Abstract” 2022) in North Carolina, and at the ASmith Gallery (“Trees” 2022) in Texas.