On Friday, December 3rd, Winnipeg-based food reporter Corey Mintz takes as his topic, the title of his just-published book: The Next Supper: The End of Restaurants As We Knew Them and What Comes After. If dining out is your thing, you won’t want to miss his observations......


Guest Speaker:  Corey Mintz, Freelance Food Reporter and Lily Cho, Author
Friday, December 3, 2021 - VIRTUAL MEETING ONLY! 
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Topic:   The End of Restaurants as We Knew Them. An Interview with/by Lily Cho
Host:  Neil Phillips, Past President and Co-Chair of Program Committee
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Corey Mintz Biography:

Corey Mintz is a freelance food reporter (New York Times, Globe and Mail, Eater, and others), focusing on the intersection between food with labour, politics, farming, ethics, and culture. He has been a cook and a restaurant critic. He is the author of The Next Supper: The End Of Restaurants As We Knew Them, And What Comes After (Public Affairs, 2021) and How to Host a Dinner Party (House of Anansi, 2013), which chronicled 192 dinner parties he hosted with fascinating people, including: politicians, refugees, criminals, artists, academics, acupuncturists, high-rise window washers, competitive barbecuers, and one monkey.

He lives in Winnipeg with his family.

Lily Cho Biography
Lily Cho is an Associate Professor of English at York University. She is the author of Eating Chinese: Culture on the Menu in Small Town Canada  and appears in the CBC series, Back in Time for Dinner