Posted by Carol Hutchinson on Jul 17, 2019
Guest Speaker:  Friday, August 9, 2019
Location:  The National Club, 303 Bay Street
Topic: Three Keys to Achieving Your (Difficult) Goal
Host:  David Hetherington
To Jeremiah Brown, transformation is inevitable and resilience is necessary when pursuing your biggest goal in life. He’s spent his life harnessing the power of resilience and mindset to adapt to new environments and overcome setbacks. The Olympic silver medallist, bestselling author, business leader and keynote speaker delivers a compelling message: realizing your potential requires embracing uncertainty.
To get to know Jeremiah, explore the six related areas of his work:
1.     Athlete. Within only four years of learning how to row, Jeremiah helped power Canadian rowing crews to World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic medals.
2.     Business Leader. Jeremiah began his career as a commercial banker with TD Bank, managing the lending risk for an $80 million portfolio of loans to SME businesses on Vancouver Island. After the 2012 Olympics, Jeremiah was selected by the Canadian Olympic Committee to lead the development and implementation of Game Plan - a holistic athlete wellness and transition program designed to support over 3000 national team, Olympic, and Paralympic athletes in their transition out of elite sport and into their next phase of life. His accomplishments include developing the Game Plan Education Network, which saw Canada’s leading universities sign on to provide more flexibility and support for Canada’s national team athletes; the Game Plan Employer Network, a brand new recruiting resource connecting Canada’s top companies with Canada’s top athletes; developing a partnership with Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, which will provide over $11 million in direct scholarship to retired Olympians and Paralympians. The work of Jeremiah and his team has been featured by major news outlets including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, CTV, CBC, Radio Canada, and Al Jazeera. Jeremiah has been consulted by the International Olympic Committee for his expertise while continuing to support the development of athlete welfare programs around the world.
3.     Author. It took Jeremiah four years to get to the Olympics and five years to write the book about it, but with resilience and dedication he crossed the finish line. The 4 Year Olympian, published by Dundurn Press in 2018, spent five weeks as the #1 bestselling sport memoir in Canada, and has achieved a cult-like following in Canada and the USA. The book has transcended the sport memoir genre with its raw honesty and appeal to anyone chasing a big dream.
4.     Keynote Speaker. Consistently ranked as one of the top speakers on transformation, resilience, teamwork, and leadership, Jeremiah brings an engaging warmth and humour while delivering powerful, inspiring keynotes. Through his talks, Jeremiah has inspired thousands of people around the world.
5.     Musician. Beginning at age eight, Jeremiah became a dedicated musician. He studied piano and percussion for ten years, and has shared the stage with Randy Bachman (on keys) and The Arkells (on drums). He was named honourary fellow of the Royal Conservatory of Music in 2013 for his advocacy for the arts. Jeremiah brings the creative mindset he cultivated as a musician to all his business and speaking endeavors.
6.     Volunteer. A passionate advocate for mental health, Jeremiah volunteers his time every week with the Alzheimer’s Society in order to improve quality of life for those suffering with mental illness.

In Summary: Jeremiah Brown brings a unique and diverse set of experiences to every keynote. He helps people and organizations become more resilient in the face of adversity, and more prepared to embrace change. For more information, please visit