Posted by Carol Hutchinson on Mar 26, 2018
Guesr Speaker:  Friday April 27, 2018
Location:  King Edward Hotel, Sovereign Ballroom
Topic:  Life After the Armed Forces
Host:  Lori Brazier
Michele Fisher started her career with the Canadian Air Force, specializing as a photographer, and completed 12 years of active service.  After making the decision to return to civilian life, she earned degrees in psychology and social work, and served as a Correctional Officer in a maximum security prison for men, and then as a Probation and Parole Officer.
More recently, Michele has spent the last 14 years as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor to soldiers released from active duty because of medical issues and, more importantly, to soldiers returning from war.  Her role was not only to assist these individuals through their struggles with injury, physical rehab, disability and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – but also to help with the transition into civilian life.  She has recently taken a sabbatical to further upgrade her education and write a book.
Leaving the structure of military life is not without its challenges.  Michele will share some insights from her many years working with military personnel who have valiantly served our country.