Posted by Carol Hutchinson on Mar 13, 2018
Guest Speaker: Friday, Mar 23, 2018
Location: The National Club, 303 Bay Street,
Topic: Google For Non-profits (G4NP)
– Our Future Today – Welcome to the Launch!
Host: Sandy Boucher
When a non-profit like The Rotary Club of Toronto aims to reach new heights in making an impact with its Vision 2020, it needs to have the right tools to enable it to attain success.  With our Roadmap to 2020 making progress, a team of Rotarians with diverse backgrounds and a common thread that binds them together to find simple solutions in improving the way Rotary does its work, was set to task.
Their journey has just begun with Google for non-profits (G4NP) as one of the tools chosen to help make the club more efficient and effective.  Welcome to the launch of G4NP!  Get a glimpse of our future today, in being able to expand our reach to fundraise, collaborate more efficiently, and raise awareness on the causes and stories that drive Rotarians and impact the communities we serve, with a wider audience. Cameo appearances by:
  • Sandy Boucher – Forensic Investigations & Dispute Resolution, Grant Thornton LLP
  • Maureen Bird – Rotarian Extraordinaire
  • Brent Thomas – Corporate Security & IS Architecture, Bell Canada
  • Jonathan Wu – Tax and Economic Development, Bank of Montreal
  • Dawn-Marie King – Director, Medical Imaging and Laboratory Medicine, St. Michael’s Hospital