Posted by Carol Hutchinson on Nov 10, 2019
Peter H. Naylor (1933-2018)
Rotarian: Since 1967
Friday, November 15th we celebrate the legacy of a great Rotarian Peter Naylor- generous, modest and kind.
His final legacy project was $250,000 for a solar power system for Atorkor Vocational Training Institute in Ghana.
Please join us at our Rotary lunch to hear from the people involved and how this is Making a Difference.
Our Speakers: David Carter, Peta Hall and
Enoch ( Atorkor instructor) and Peter Naylor
Guest Speakers: Friday, Nov. 15, 2019:
Peta Hall, Atorkor Foundation and David Carter RESco Energy Inc. 
Location: Fairmont Royal York, in the Imperial Room
Topic: Peter's Atorkor Solar Project in Ghana
Host: Maureen Bird and International Services Committee
Cost:  Toronto Rotarians and Their Guests: A Lunch Ticket
Visiting Rotarians and Other Guests $60 Cash at the door
or ahead of time on credit card by calling no later than Thursday
at 416-363-0604 or email:
Biography:  Peta Hall,  Atorkor Foundation
Peta Hall grew up in Zimbabwe, and came to Canada 45 years ago. She has been an artisan, potter, educator, arts activist, designer, marketer and founder!  She has lived in Prince Edward County for 26 years. She has been an active board member of the Ontario Craft Council, PEC Arts Council, Quinte Arts Council, Taste the County, Bloomfield and Area Business Association, and is currently a board member of the Atorkor Vocational Training Institute, Dream Big Ghana and Alternatives for Women.
Some 10 years ago she began returning to Africa, to volunteer in Ghana.   She established a women’s textile cooperative, which is now self-sustaining and providing the women with independent dressmaking and business skills.  In 2011 she began living in Ghana, to enable and oversee the building of the Atorkor Vocational Training Institute (AVTI); Rotary assisted with providing some equipment.  The school now has over 500 students.  She met Peter Naylor through her friend Ruth Crawford who asked her to tell Peter about AVTI and its development.  Peter decided to work with Fidel Reijerse of RESco to create this outstanding project of bringing solar power to AVTI, the Medical Clinic and the village of Atorkor.
Peta now lives in Wellington but makes regular sojourns back to Ghana.
Biography:  David Carter, RESco Energy Inc. 
David Carter was the Energy Engineer from RESCo responsible for the evaluation, design and implementation of the solar energy system installed at Atorkor Vocational Training Institute (AVTI). This involved three trips to Ghana.
David studied Energy Systems Engineering Technology at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. He began working as a designer for small solar products such as backpacks, coolers and attic fans. David joined RESCo's installation team in November 2012 and then left to work as lighting consultant in the multi-residential sector. He then returned to RESCo as a lighting expert and slowly transitioned to designing solar and battery storage projects.