2015-Youth Civic Leadership Awards

Young People are our future!

2015 Youth Civic Leadership Awards
At The Rotary Club of Toronto, we believe that young people in our city are not only our future, they are our present.
Youth in the City of Toronto show civic leadership in many ways across all sectors of our society. We believe if we wish these young people to continue their leadership with compassion, creativity and tenacity, we must acknowledge and celebrate their many accomplishments.
Rotary would like you to join in this celebration. Are you a young person who has made a contribution to the community in which you live? Do you know of someone who deserves recognition for the leadership they show? Please help to encourage civic leadership in our city by recommending this individual for a Rotary Youth Civic Leadership Award.
To apply for the Awards is simple – just download the Application and follow the directions on it. Good luck!
Go to Site Pages on the left hand side of the Rotary Homepage to Download the 2015 Application