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To mark National Indigenous Peoples Day, the Rotary Club of Toronto’s Indigenous Partnership Working Group (IPWG) aims to honour our national indigenous heritage by organizing a tour of the Misko-Aki exhibit at the Muskoka Discovery Centre.
The Misko-Aki (Red Earth): Confluence of Cultures’ exhibit is a truly authentic indigenous creation. It has won the Canadian Museum Association’s outstanding achievement award for 2024! This unique exhibit is being created by a curatorial circle of 20 Indigenous elders, scholars, linguists, and graphic designers representing four cultural groups. The project was led by Tim Johnson, who in his 10 plus years with the Smithsonian Institute, led the development of the National Museum of the American Indian in both New York and Washington.
We will also visit High Falls – which is a breathtaking natural wonder. Waterfall holds immense significance in Native American mythology because it provides a powerful connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, and symbolizes both purification and healing. It represents the transformative nature of water, both physically and spiritually. Therefore, it is not surprising that the waterfall is an integral part of so many legends and myths passed down through generations of Native American tribes. To experience the blissful effects of a waterfall firsthand is to understand its true value and appreciate its place in Native American tradition.
Misko-Aki Exhibit -
275 Steamship Bay Road
Gravenhurst, ON