President, Steve Smith to Make Opening Kick-Off for New Rotary Club of Toronto- Toronto Argos Scholarship Winner

– by Nancy Schaefer, Chair, Scholarship Committee

Our Centennial Scholarship Committee is proud to announce the year - three winner of The Rotary Club of Toronto and the Toronto Argonauts’ Community Champion Scholarship. Our unique scholarship is designed to send a deserving high school student to a local university with a four-year tuition scholarship. The student must demonstrate academic achievement, community volunteerism and financial need. This year’s winner is John Chen.


John, born in Canada of Chinese immigrants has a very strong record of success both in the academic world and in the society around him. The list is too long to cover here. In school, Northern Secondary School, he was in the Gifted or Advanced Placement level where according to his written records he completed double the number of courses required. Outside involvement includes but is not limited to Co-President of the Chess Club, President of the school Investment Club, Founder of the Military History Club and Canadian Youth Project Junior Board.  He also wrote a guide to help older Mandarin mainly monolingual speaking people function more effectively in our English society.  

John will be entering Engineering Science an enriched program within the Engineering Faculty of the University of Toronto. This program enables students to study a myriad of different engineering and related disciplines. Amongst other comments of appreciation John stated: "I am very grateful for this financial support".

Please join John, his family and many other Rotarians at the Toronto Argonaut game on August 12th. 

Rotary President, Steve Smith will make the opening kick-off.