Guest Speaker November 15, 2013 in the Upper Canada Room, on the 18th floor at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Corey was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg. In 1967, he went to England to begin postgraduate studies in art history. On completion of his postgraduate studies, Corey joined the ROM's curatorial staff working for the European Department.

Corey is a recognized authority on the history of Renaissance and Baroque bronze sculpture and European arms and armour. His interests include Medieval sculpture, Gothic and Gothic Revival architecture, Medieval and Modern stained glass, the Russian Orthodox Church, icons, Judaica, and ships (he is a well-known lecturer on the Titanic) as well as firefighting apparatus. He is a frequent speaker at Toronto churches and synagogues on subjects ranging from liturgical art to stained glass.


Corey has written numerous catalogues and articles, and has been a regular contributor to numerous publications. He is currently working on publications of varying interests such as gunlocks, stained glass, Winnipeg architecture, firefighting apparatus, and crossbows. Corey speaks French, German, and Italian, and has a reading knowledge of several other European languages. In addition he has studied Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian.

An avid lecturer on Toronto architectural history — notably Gothic Revival church architecture — Corey has led many walking tours of old Toronto for such organizations as the William Morris Society and the Canadian Society for Decorative Arts. His walking tours have included surveys of historic Toronto churches and synagogues, including the historic synagogues of the Kensington Market area. His Canadian art and architecture tours have included Kingston, Ottawa, Hamilton, and other Ontario towns and cities. In recent years he has become equally well-known for his architectural walking tours of New York City and for similar tours of other American cities including Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Toledo, Washington, and Ypsilanti.

As a ROM curator, Corey has served as a resource person and guide on numerous ROM travel tours to Europe. He is also a  keen photographer, recording many of his travels.

Corey will inform and entertain us on the subject of “The Romance of Castles": A brief and cheerfully illustrated history of European and some other castles Medieval to Modern, with a focus on engineering and architectural development from the 11th to the 16th century. Today one's home may be his/her castle, but in the Middle Ages one's castle was one's home!