Guest Speaker: Jennifer T. Lee, Managing Partner
Issue Based Growth Platforms for Deloitte Canada
Value Creation Services
Friday May 8, 2020 Rotary Virtual Meeting
Topic:  The Essence of Resilient Leadership
Host: Shannon Lundquist
Jennifer is the Managing Partner for developing the critical issue based Growth Platforms for Deloitte Canada and Chile. She is leveraging her experience in growing the Cannabis Practice from a $1M practice to a $60M under her leadership to develop the Future of Trust and Future of Employee Well-Being platforms.  The focus of the platforms is to serve our clients on the biggest issues in the market and exponentially grow Deloitte’s revenues, elevate and create leaders, and drive eminence in the marketplace.
Jennifer is a Value Creation Services partner specializing in the retail and consumer industryHer mandate is to leverage her Retail and Consumer expertise in Omnichannel to help clients make sense of the vast quantities of data which exists in their organizations utilizing a insight-data driven approach via artificial intelligence and cognitive machine learning techniques.  She focuses on assisting clients in developing insight-driven strategies to deal with an increasingly connected consumer and complex business issues.  These strategies include – developing data monetization strategies, transitioning from a multi-channel organization to “insight driven” organizations by building and operationalizing eCommerce platforms, mobile capabilities and the re-designing the retail network.  She also assists clients in embedding Advanced Analytics into her clients’ business to deliver a one-brand (“Omnichannel”) experience. Jennifer leads a multi-faceted and cross-functional team ranging from strategists to and advanced analytics teams including market researchers and data scientists.
She is the LBP for FA for Weston Group of Companies and is the LCSP for the largest wine brand in Canada. Her clients include Canada Goose, Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, HBC, Lord & Taylor, Golf Town, AGLC, OLG, BCLDB, LCBO, to name a few.
Jennifer is the Global Financial Advisory Clients & Industries Leader, focusing on developing and delivering Deloitte’s global advisory go-to-market strategy.  She oversees the GFA Industries, member firm clients and industries and GFA Global Crown Jewel, Private Equity and Deloitte Private client segments.  She also leads the GFA Refuse to Lose program.    She has used her leadership role to champion three partner women to the GFA C&I Executive, and transitioned the C&I executive to a more diverse group of leaders.
Jennifer is an accomplished thought leader and has presented at key industry platforms such as Deloitte's Retail Outlook which launched: “Future Proofing Your Retail Business: Balancing the Art and Science of Advanced Analytics in Customer Experience,”, ICSC, Marketing Magazine, and BNN. She has also personally authored over a dozen industry whitepapers including:  “CMO 2.0 takes charge:  How chief marketing officers will succeed in the Omnichannel era”; “Consumer Experience: The New Brand Imperative”; “The Consumer Evolution: Changing Behaviors Triggers New Business Models”; "2016 Omnichannel Customer Experience Index: Which Retailers are Leading and Lagging?””.
While in industry, Jennifer worked all over the world:  Mergers & Acquisitions / Treasury for a large US telecom company in Hong Kong, China; European Marketing Group for a large US consumer electronics company in  Stuttgart, Germany; and marketing strategy and implementation for a large US entertainment company in Canada. While at Bell Internet, Jennifer let the strategy development and operationalization of one of the largest and fastest wireless internet roll outs in the organization’s history including the retail channels.
Jennifer holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo.  She was the youngest person admitted into the Rotman School of Business’ Executive MBA program.  She was recently awarded the 2017 Manulife Mentor of the Year by Ascend Canada.
Recently, in  September 2019, Jennifer was named US Consulting magazine's "Women Leaders in Consulting 2019" Future Leadership Award Winner.