In the Upper Canada Room, at the Fairmont Royal York


Ron is a keynote speaker who is starting to aid senior business leaders and is a relationship management expert.


Ron is a married father of 4, who resides in Toronto.


Ron built his career in finance with Euro Brokers Canada Ltd./Maxcor Inc., where he held increasingly progressive roles culminating in the role of Vice President.


In 2000, Ron was one of two Canadian employees selected to close the Canadian operations and shift the Canadian business to New York City and excelled in the larger, fast-paced trading culture consisting of 350 specialized brokers.


Working in the World Trade Center and surviving the life-changing events of 9/11 in NYC, Ron was the last known man out of the South Tower of the World Trade Centre.  Twice during the ordeal, Ron was just minutes away from being killed.




Accomplishing all of his goals as a highly tauted investment professional, Ron decided to take his career into new territory in 2010 and began devoting more of his time and attention to philanthrophic endeavors. 


Ron is starting to speak on the topics of Gratitude, Reslience and Adversity.  His story is one of deep personal pain, as well as the struggles he endured to be here today.


Ron has started a consulting and business management practice, benefiting organizations with  assistance in coaching and structuring their teams.



Articles and videos below:


I was asked to do a movie based on the book The Third Man Factor by John Geiger


I was honored in Time Magazine’s 9/11 special addition for 9/11 Portraits of Resilience