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Fellowship & Entertainment

Fellowship and Entertainment Committee - Our Mandate

Responsible for the coordination of fellowship events for the members and their partners. Provides visitation or other means of supporting members or their families who are ill or in need of help. The committee is also responsible for visiting Rotarians and guests at Friday meetings to be greeted in an organized way. This Committee meets monthly on the first Friday of every month.

This last Rotary year was one fellowship and entertainment success! With a variety of different outings and something for everyone, the committee continued to excite and inspire fellowship throughout the year.


Fellowship and Entertainment Committee Annual Report 2015-2016 

This following excerpt from the 1937 Rotary Club of Toronto Annual Report reflects the history and importance of the Fellowship and Entertainment Committee to the Rotary Club of Toronto.

“The Fellowship Committee of the Toronto Rotary Club is the Club’s largest Committee, 86 of the Club’s over 400 members being active members of it by appointment of the Board of Directors… The Committee has met for noon luncheon once each week with a prearranged program. Attendance at the weekly meeting has ranged from 45 to a maximum of 102, averaging 65 per meeting.”
The current Fellowship and Entertainment now has 15 active members and is growing in activity and in profile within the Rotary Club of Toronto. Last year the committee re-launching birthday calls and cards, and will continue this tradition in the coming year.
Half way through the year the committee chair Cliff Johnson took a leave of absence and Brigitte Bogar assumed the role as chair of the committee.
Over the past year has organized the following events:
  • Brunch at Sassafraz (Anna Koneva)
  • Mexican Dinner (Kevin Power)
  • Headshots Event (Susan Hunter)
  • Carolling at Dundas Square (John Joseph Mastandrea)
  • Walking tour (June Brown)
  • Pre-Christmas Party Sing-Along (June Brown)
  • Birthday Cards and calls (June Brown, Dauna Jones-Simmonds and Brigitte Bogar)
  • Puglia Supper Club (Neil Phillips)
  • Wine Tasting at The National Club (Neil Phillips)
  • TCJ Dinner (Lorna Johnson)
  • Disc Golf on Toronto Island (Cliff and Lorna Johnson)
  • Opera Nights (Lorna Johnson and Brigitte Bogar)
  • Gaming Afternoon at Café De Melbourne (Lorna Johnson, Cliff Johnson and Brigitte Bogar)
  • Four chefs and a bottle of wine - Dinner at Geoffrey Johnson’s En Ville Catering Company Factory (Brigitte Bogar)
  • Group sing-a-longs at the Piano before each Club Meeting (Brigitte Bogar)
We anticipate that the level of Fellowship and Entertainment activity organized for the Club will
increase moving forward. With the diversity of the Rotary Club of Toronto’s membership our
philosophy for event selection is to find events that our members are passionate about. The Committee supports and promotes events which may only attract a few people, but those people who do attend have a good time and fellowship is achieved. If we as Club and Committee members are going to do an activity or attend a function or have always wanted to try something, inviting our fellow Rotarian Friends to join us enhances our experience and opens new doors to the club members. The key to more and varied events is to invite more members of the Club to join us, either as full time committee members or as ad hoc members to organize a single event.
We are developing and expanding our mission as we go and welcome all suggestions for events and individuals who are eager to organize an event. Our challenge for the coming year is expanding club and individual involvement in fellowship and entertainment events.
Fellowship could not be a success if it was not for each and every member on the committee to which I give my thanks as well as to specifically thank June Brown for taking on the role of vice chair, Andrea Vabalis for taking on the role as secretary and to Kevin Power for his active role as elision director and committee member.

Brigitte Bogar, Chair