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The Rotary Club of Toronto Communications Intake Form 

To submit your Committee information for publication on The Rotary Club of Toronto social media channels or the Voice, please complete the Communications Intake Form here.


Marketing and Communication Committee – Our Mandate


Communicate, promote and support the activities, news events and public image of the club, its committees and task groups, both internally and externally. Oversee the production and development of the Rotary Voice and management of the web site. The full Committee meets at the call of the Chair. 

Marketing and Communications Committee
The MCC has been busy at work this year on the following initiatives:
  1. Social Media - Rudy Haddad, Marcy Berg and John Fortney have done a great job maintaining our presence on Twitter and Facebook, updating them with weekly speaker and meeting information as well as current Rotary related news and content.
  1. The Voice - Special thanks to Maureen Bird for so capably leading the Voice team. Maureen along with her team of committed editors and guest writers ensure that the general Club membership remain informed about Club happenings on a weekly basis, which is a time intensive and often thankless undertaking. We can’t thank the entire Voice team enough for their ongoing efforts. This team includes:
Maureen Bird
John Andras
Don Bell
Brigitte Bogar
Lorna Johnson
Brian Porter
Karen Scott
Carolyn Purden
  1. Making A Difference Inserts - Thank you to the various Committee Chairs and in particular to Luzita Kennedy of the Research & Appeals Committee who have provided monthly content for the inserts. They would not be possible without your contributions and they provide a special opportunity for the general membership to understand the various Committees’ accomplishments.
  1. Website Redesign Initiative - Which I will elaborate on shortly.
Before I do that, I’d like to acknowledge the contributions of all of the Marketing and Communications Committee Members: Rudy Haddad, Marcy Berg, Arash Shahi, Maureen Bird, and our Board Liaison John Fortney.
If you speak with any of these members you will find out the important work that the MCC is doing for the Club and we are currently looking for new Committee members to join this dynamic team. If you are interested, please contact me to visit one of our meetings or get more information as there will be many opportunities to contribute and build on our current momentum next year.
Now, back to the website. 
It’s no secret that the Club website was in need of a facelift, so at the beginning of this year the MCC approached the Club Executive with the idea of undertaking it now, prior to the RI Convention when hopefully we will get additional traffic. Our proposal was approved, which brings us to today. We have completed the first phase of the process, which has focused on building a new home page and navigation menu and updating the look of the entire site.
The new homepage focuses on:
  • The key messages we are trying to communicate to our main audiences of the public, prospective new members, prospective sponsors and Club members.
  • Articulating the amazing impact we have through the work that we do.
  • Clearly communicating the key tenets of Rotary and the vibrancy of this Club and all of the amazing opportunities and experiences we can enjoy as members.
  • Improving ease of navigation by allowing visitors to quickly and easily find the information that they are looking for.
  • Being mobile friendly, so it renders well on mobile devices.
A new communications intake form has been created and linked to the Marketing and Communications Committee (MCC) website page where you can submit content you’d like publicized by the MCC.
The next phase of the process will involve continuing to update the website content and tidying up the sub-pages. This will be an on-going task. Thank you to all of the members who responded to our requests to date to provide updated content. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, I hope that seeing the refreshed site will inspire you to submit content. Upon reviewing the site, if you would like to make suggestions for new or updated content, please contact Carol to coordinate this.
In closing, thank you to the Club Executive and particularly to President Pat and President Elect Jeff for their support of the website initiative from the beginning. A special thanks to MCC member Arash Shahi and Carol Hutchinson, both of whom have been instrumental in getting the redesign to this point.
Heather Gordon, Chair