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The Rotary Club of Toronto Communications Intake Form 

To submit your Committee information for publication on The Rotary Club of Toronto social media channels or the Voice, please complete the Communications Intake Form here.


Marketing and Communication Committee – Our Mandate


Communicate, promote and support the activities, news events and public image of the club, its committees and task groups, both internally and externally. Oversee the production and development of the Rotary Voice and management of the web site. The full Committee meets at the call of the Chair. 


Marketing and Communications Committee Annual Report 2016-2017 - Sylvia Geist

Looking back over the past year, it has been a significant year of change, growth and stability for The Marketing & Communications Committee. The Committee implemented procedures for the use our Club’s social media channels. A distinction was made between individuals who wished to post on their own social media channels and Committee members who were delegated to post on behalf of the Club. Facebook was successfully used to highlight our speakers and special events. Twitter was used to spontaneously post “in the here and now”. LinkedIn, although many club members are on LinkedIn, its use was limited.
An interesting question was raised by the Committee in relation to our Friday luncheon speakers, specifically, a review and an understanding of “why” a speaker was invited to address our club and how to improve introducing him/her through the Voice and our social media channels. With the assistance of The Program Committee, a concerted effort was made to keep this question in mind for promotional purposes.  
Making A Difference, a monthly Voice insert, developed by the Marketing and Communications Committee, has become an established publication that increases the awareness of the contributions of our Foundation and of our Philanthropic Committees to Club members and to our community.
An exciting initiative was undertaken that focused on creating a new landing page for our website.  The purpose of the new landing page would reflect a more modern look and would present an attractive and clear message to potential members to our Club. Mitty Chang, one of our guest speakers offered a simple, but effective template for an attractive and user friendly landing page that would showcase the activities of our Club. This endeavour will continue in 2017-2018.
Heather Gordon will assume the Chair in the up-coming year. Under her leadership, her knowledge and skills will be invaluable as the Marketing and Communications Committee moves forward with its goals and activities.
Sylvia Geist, Chair
Voice Report 2016-17 - Maureen Bird
Since our first issue on January 15, 1918 the Rotary Voice has been the major medium of information for members.  Even in this digital age The Voice in both hard copy and digital form continues to keep our members updated.  It is also a repository of the history of the club as all copies are bound and in our office.
We have a team of editors who take turns gathering information for each issue.  Lorna Johnson is currently vice-chair and our other editors are John Andras, Don Bell, Brigitte Bogar, Brian Porter and Karen Scott.  We try to alternate between two pagers and four pagers. All the work is done in Word then forwarded to our graphic designer Phil Mammas to “make it pretty”.
The team would welcome new editors at any time.  The more editors we have, the easier the workload. Members can also submit articles to or to me.  We also welcome any member who would like to assist by occasionally writing our “What You Missed” articles, which are needed every week.  This is an easy task of 300 to 400 words. We would also welcome members willing to take pictures. The Voice belongs to all of us.