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The Mandate of the CSC is to support programs for the purpose of improving the quality of life for underpriviledged people in the community of downtown Toronto. This may include those groups of people who are most vulnerable to the economic, social and environmental challenges of an urban environment – the homeless, recent immigrants, and other marginalized or disaffected poeple. 


“Rotary House” is a community housing model to transition individuals who have become homeless due to mental health and/or addiction challenges – enabling individuals to be contributing members of our community.  The House will build on our Rotary Club’s humanitarian influence and networks by developing a ‘best practices’ model for other communities.  It is an effective peer-based model that is relatively low cost and self-sustainable, and can complement traditional ‘medical/institutional models’.

Seeds of Hope has a unique role in its partnerships with agencies that offer medical & health services, such as Margaret’s Place and M-Dot (funded by CAMH and the City) – demonstrating how the benefits of a ‘community model’ inter-relate with traditional ‘medical/institutional models’.

Currently Seeds of Hope creates places of belonging that serve as safe places to help individuals living on the streets of Toronto or living in other vulnerable situations.  As residents regain their health and dignity they will have the opportunity to connect with a wider community of people and participate in meals, life-skills programs & creative arts activities.  Our goal is to support their transition to a point where they are well or are willing to accept professional support.

This initiative cuts right to the core of the deepest issues of homelessness and offers the potential to transform lives and people into productive members of society.  Our experience has shown us that every situation is unique and each person has different challenges they are facing.  Their different circumstances require specific approaches and responses.  The one constant in all cases is the need for care, friendship and compassion.  This is the essential role our volunteers and Rotary volunteers can offer - giving people the dignity and self-respect required to help them get the support they need to move forward with their lives.

Our $100K project is to cover capital improvements, house appliances & furnishings, and initial programming funds.