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The Mandate of the ISC is to offer assistance to marginalised people in the developing world, with special emphasis on women and children– primarily in the areas of education, health and water. Our projects focus on: AIDS prevention, treatment and care of the survivors; the building and renovation of schools; sanitation; developing or rehabilitating adequate sources of potable water (wells and boreholes). The committee also actively supports “sweat equity” trips of Rotarians and friends to selected projects.


This is a partnership with Project Enlighten (PE) – a US NGO – and Bakong Technical College (BTC) – a registered charity in Cambodia with a branch in the USA to build part of a vocational school in Siem Reap, Cambodia (2 classrooms, an IT lab and library).

This school will provide local people with vocational training focused on the environment and tourism. Special emphasis will be on landmine victims and others affected by the 30-year civil war. It is situated near Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, a World Heritage Site and a large tourist destination. The school will employ many local people to complete the building. The school will provide people with the skills to support their families. It is estimated 300 students will be in the school at its peak. Eventually it will affect thousands of students and families, including landmine survivors and improve local tourism.

Our $100K project covers build materials and outfitting for a large portion of the school; matching with other funds. In addition, a recent Sweat Equity trip has been completed in December 2011 to kick the project off. Details about this amazing trip are forthcoming!