Guest Speaker: Gavin Pitchford, Founder and CEO
Canada's Clean 50 and Delta Management Group
Friday October 30, 2020 Rotary Virtual Meeting via Google Meet
Topic:  Canada’s Clean50 Awards and the Case for a Post Covid #CleanReset”
Host:  Past President Susan Howson 
Time: 12:00 Noon to 1:30 PM
Rotarian and Guests: RSVP to
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After seven years building the leading systems provider for law firms in Canada, Gavin returned to the executive search business, founding Delta Management Group in 1992 to serve the fast-growing networking technology industry.
In 2010, increasingly concerned about climate change, Delta expanded, pivoting to focus on becoming part of the solution, and is now Canada’s leading search and executive search firm for “clean & green professionals” and executives, helping clients identify the very best talent in Canada in the ESG, corporate responsibility, sustainable development and clean tech markets across Canada.
In 2011, as it became apparent the right people weren’t talking to each other, Gavin founded the Clean50 Awards, to recognize, and more importantly, to connect leaders from every form of endeavour and every part of the country for their leadership in sustainability.
The key: To collect their awards, senior executives were required to spend a full day participating with all of their fellow honourees and other expert guests in the annual Clean50 Summit – a day designed to inspire future collaboration, and which has since led to the creation of hundreds of jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and investment, and hundreds of collaborations, all of which have improved both environmental and economic performance of Canada.  The group of now 600 plus honourees lends their collective voice to sharing the message with Canadians and governments that a low carbon economy isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also the very best way to build our economy.
Believing that the very best talent is happy and “heads down”, far too busy delivering for their present employer to respond to (or even read) Linked-In or Indeed job posts, Delta actively headhunts talent for their clients, pursuing the most exceptional individuals for a particular role, starting from the best rolodex in the industry.
In contrast to the usual HR approach of relying upon social media to identify sub-par candidates who need a job, Gavin and his team live the Confucius proverb “Man must wait long time with mouth-open before roast duck fly in”.  He leads Delta in a constant quest to find that accomplished and mission specific needle in a stack of needles, the one unique needle that can best serve a client - or make the next Clean50 list.