Guest Speaker:  Friday, February 10, 2017
Location:  The National Club
Topic:  How France is Celebrating
the 150th Anniversary of Canada and What France
is Doing To Strengthen Ties between Canada and France
Mr Trouyet has served as the Consul General of France in Toronto since August of 2015. His territorial jurisdiction comprises Ontario and Manitoba.
Mr. Trouyet has been a diplomat for almost fifteen years. Most recently he served in Paris as head of the department of French Overseas Development Assistance pertaining to governance issues. In this capacity, he supervised projects and expert missions on issues such as: postcrisis recovery and the rule of law; government reforms and urban governance; public finances; migration, Diasporas and development.
For four years he was Deputy Head of Mission of the French Embassy in Australia.
As Deputy Permanent Representative to the French United Nations mission in Rome, he engaged extensively with the World Food Program, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, and the Food and Agricultural Organization. 
He was previously the officer in charge of sustainable development issues in the United Nations division of the French Foreign Affairs department, and before that, he was responsible for modernizing consular services.
Before joining the Foreign Service, Mr. Trouyet held various positions in the governing council of the Paris City Council for a period of five years.
Prior to that, as a young graduate, he conducted various scientific projects with Paris X University on town planning and urban issues.
A Graduate of l’Ecole nationale d’administration (ENA), Mr. Trouyet holds a Bachelor in Political Science and a Master in Town Planning.
Marc Trouyet is married and has three children.