Posted by Carol Hutchinson

Guest Speakers: Friday, October 27, 2017

Location:  Fairmont Upper Canada Room

Topic Philanthropic Committee Updates

Bob Duff, St. Simon's ShelterTo Be Rescheduled:  Due to unforeseen circumstances Bob Duff will have to be rescheduled for a tater date..  

We have a very informative lunch planned for you with Philanthropic Committee Updates from our Indigenous Service Committee by Club Board Liaison Director, Bill Empey, International Service by Chair John Farrell, Senior Citizens' by Chair, Anny-Sandra Hamel, Environmental Service by Chair Lorna Johnson and Youth and Children by Chair Dawn Marie King.

BILL EMPEY  – Rotarian since 1991, Classification:  Consultant - Economist.  Bill is Managing Partner, of Prism Economics & Analysis.

He is a Club Board Liaison Director for our Indigenous Service Committee and Chair of our Foundation Board’s Investment Committee

and as such is a member of our Foundation Board

JOHN FARRELL - Rotarian since 2012, Classification: Wealth Adviso, John is a Senior Wealth Advisor with Scotia McLeod

He is the Chair of our International Service Committee, and is Club Board Liaison Director for our Community Service Committee

ANNY-SANDRA HAMEL- Rotarian since 2014, Classification:  Horticulture. Anny-Sandra works on Market Development for Acti-Sol

She is the Chair of our Senior Citizens’ Committee and is a Volunteer Coordinator for the RI Convention 2018 Host Committee

and a member of our Youth Exchange Subcommittee and is Host Family/Parent to Antoine Rys, our Youth Exchange student.

LORNA JOHNSON- Rotarian since 2013. Classification:  Consulting. Lorna is Principal & Owner of Calder Johnson Consulting Inc.

She is the new Chair of our Environmental Service Committee.

DAWN MARIE KING- Rotarian since 2014, Classification:  Health Care – Clinical Support Services

Dawn Marie is Director, Medical Imaging and Laboratory at St. Michael’s Hospital

She is the Chair of our Youth and Children’s Committee,