The Making of an Activist; Rob Stewart’s Sharkwater Journey - FRIDAY OCTOBER 21


From wildlife photographer to activist filmmaker, Rob Stewart initiated the Saving Sharks movement and campaigned relentlessly for ocean conservation. Learn more about his compelling story and how you can spark passion to protect sharks and thriving oceans in your community, company, and even your own kids.


Rob was born and raised in Toronto and produced the films Sharkwater, Revolution, and Sharkwater Extinction—viewed by more than 130 million viewers across the globe.  

Tragically, he was killed in a dive accident filming his last movie. Learn more about his impact here

Join us for what is promised to be a lively and entertaining networking opportunity. 

 ‘Everyone changes the world. It’s just how much, how big and in what direction and the more people get educated, the more they can change the world in a positive way. There’s a massive opportunity to bring people together, to make people heroes, to fight for life and to fight for a better future’ ~ Rob Stewart

 Ahead of the event see a free screening of the film that has inspired the world; Sharkwater Extinction.

 Meet Brian and Sandy Stewart, parents of Rob Stewart. 30-year veterans of the film industry, the Stewarts own Tribute Entertainment Media Group. Their publishing, marketing, and advertising business focuses on movie entertainment. Tribute’s online portals reach over five million users each month, led by a network of websites in Canada through and in the US. The Stewarts have promised an entertaining show, that will enlighten and inspire you.

Hybrid Rotary Meeting Friday October 21, 2022
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Keynote Speaker:  Brian and Sandy Stewart
Topic: “The Making of an Activist: Rob Stewart’s Sharkwater Journey"
Host:  James Statham
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Brian and Sandy Stewart Biographies

Brian and Sandy Stewart are the producers of the latest film in the Sharkwater series; Sharkwater Extinction. They also have set up the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation in Canada, in the name of their late son Rob Stewart who was lost diving off the Florida Keys while filming the movie. The Foundation will continue the work Rob started as well as develop new projects to help further protect sharks, our oceans and all its creatures. The foundation will work alongside United Conservationists the 501C(c)3 charity Rob set up to operate in the United States. 

Rob was an award-winning filmmaker, author, biologist, and conservationist who dedicated his life to the preservation of sharks and life on Earth. Already passionate about animals and underwater photography at the age of 13, Rob went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Western Ontario, additionally studying in Jamaica and Kenya. But when Rob was fulfilling his dream of photographing sharks in the Galapagos, he found the creatures he loved and revered were being senselessly killed by indiscriminate longline fishing practices, in one of the most protected marine preserves in the world. 

Rob’s films have been seen by more than 130 million people and won over 200 awards internationally. Sharkwater started it all - showing the reality of shark finning to the world and inspired countless people to take up his fight, resulting in shark finning bans in over 90 countries around the world. 

To follow up his renowned first film, Rob created Revolution, a movie that focuses on ocean acidification caused by the burning of fossil fuels which is leading to the death of coral reefs worldwide and the ability of anything with a skeleton to survive.

He also highlighted the continued destruction of our forests and land and explained how we can stop damaging the life sources we depend on for our own existence.

The latest film, Sharkwater Extinction, was completed by Rob’s parents, colleagues, partners, and friends. It exposes the massive and illegal shark fin industry that is causing the extinction of a vital apex predator in the ecosystems that all life on Earth depends on.


Sharkwater Extinction

Executive Producer: 

Sandy Campbell, President Tribute Publishing Inc. Each month millions of consumers get the scoop on the hottest new movies, thanks to Sandy Campbell. 

In 1979 Sandy co-founded with her husband and partner Brian, the Tribute Entertainment Media Group of companies. Their first venture was Tribute Magazine, a free publication for in-theatre distribution. During the subsequent 40 + years they grew that franchise. The roster of magazines included Kids Tribute and Teen Tribute, the most widely read teen magazine in Canada, as well as En Primeur and En Primeur Jeunesse. And among the other holdings of Tribute Entertainment Media Group were Tribute TV, Canada’s top- rated movie preview show, and In Theatre Media Inc. which provided in-theatre slides, posters, on screen advertising for exhibitors across Canada and Big Screen Entertainment Inc, the content creation company responsible for producing over 500 Episodes of Tribute TV, two extremely successful documentaries, Sharkwater and Revolution, plus thousands of on-screen content segments. 

But Sandy is more than the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of a remarkably successful company. She’s also someone who has long believed in giving back to the community. She’s a strong supporter of Motion Picture Pioneers, the Canadian organization that helps individuals who have been part of the movie industry. Sandy helped produce a Show Canada program for the Pioneers and was the driving force behind a successful calendar. “I am proud to be a part of this organization,” says Sandy. “Supporting the Pioneers and its fund is an important part of supporting our industry.” 

Sandy was the creator and driving force behind the hugely successful CPP scholarship trust fund for the young people in the industry to help further their education. 

Sandy is committed to other community activities as well. She raises funds for Variety Club as well as for the Look Good...Feel Better initiative. In creating material for Teen Tribute, she’s worked closely with the Literacy Association of Canada, Health Canada, Kids Help Phone, as well as the Drug Abuse Committee of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. 

Sharkwater Extinction  

Executive Producer 

Brian Stewart, CEO Tribute Entertainment Media Group (TEMG) including Big Screen Entertainment Inc. and InTheatre Media Inc. 

Mr. Stewart has worked in marketing motion picture since the late seventies. In his current position as CEO of Tribute Entertainment Media Group he leads Canada’s most innovative, award-winning entertainment marketing and production company. Mr. Stewart pioneered the in-theatre media business for exhibitors across Canada, developing advertising initiatives/strategies/revenues for Famous Players, Empire Theatres, Guzzo Cinemas, Landmark theatres, and independent exhibitors. He was instrumental in initiating the current alternative content business in digital theatres, by bringing sporting and music events to theatres. 

Mr. Stewart has Executive Produced more than 500 TV shows and recently Executive Produced the internationally award-winning feature documentary Sharkwater. This was followed by the feature documentary “Revolution” which premiered at Toronto international Film Festival – coming runner up in best Documentary category and then went on to win People’s Choice for Best Documentary at both Atlantic Film Festival and Vancouver film Festival. “Revolution” was released in theatres in March 2013 and went on to Win over 40 International awards. 

Under Mr. Stewart’s leadership TEMG group of companies have become the Canadian market leaders in creating and executing unique support for theatrical motion pictures. Mr. Stewart has been an active member of The Motion Picture Pioneers and was recognized as Pioneer if the Year in 2006.  


He has been widely recognized as a visionary having been awarded numerous package design and marketing innovation awards from the industry, as well as the North American RAC Award in multimedia from the Retail Advertising Marketing Association.