El Salvador

El Salvador

If you

  1. Are interested in going south for 9 days in January to get away from the cold, 
  2. Enjoy going to Camp Scugog and doing some hands on work, 
  3. You feel for the people wanting to get into the US and like the experts the best way to minimize US border problems is to help the people in their own country,


You might be interested in joining the RCTs Sweat Equity trip to El Salvador from January 10 -19, 2020.

Here are some points to ponder.

  1. We will be building pre-cast homes for some of El Salvador’s rural disadvantaged. We will work alongside local people. No specific skills required other than your attitude.
  2. Our partner will be the San Salvador Noroeste Club who will do the local arranging.
  3. We will have a maximum of 20 Rotarians and friends on the trip. Many will be from our club. Many have been on other Sweat Equity trips to places like Cambodia, Malawi, Tanzania and Haiti.
  4. We will be visiting local schools and providing other assistance to the local people.
  5. We will mix with local people including Rotarians and see their beautiful country.
  6. The cost in the form of a tax-receiptable donation is only $3800. This covers all transportation, meals and accommodation, supplies and materials for up to 4 homes. Sightseeing and personal expenses are extra but minimal.
  7. Since our club is sponsoring the trip, space will be held until October 1st for RCT members and those who have been on these trips before. 
  8. After that date it will be opened up to others including your friends.


If you are interested please contact Chris Snyder chris@eccgroup.ca 905-990-1735 or Brian Westlake brian.westlake@blakes.com 416-863-2544 or want a package Julie@eccgroup.ca

An information meeting will also be held in September/October.  

Anyone who has ever been on one of these trips has found them to be amazing and life changing.

Chris Snyder